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PIDAN Window Perch Hammock 2.0

PIDAN Window Perch Hammock 2.0

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Newly upgraded! Back and better than ever.

Enjoy the sun and a 360-degree panoramic view.

Fixed at four points to prevent falling off, giving cats a sense of security. It is recommended for pets under 33lb.

How does the upgraded suction cup achieve greater stability?

Larger suction cup diameter: The diameter of the four suction cups has been upgraded to 9cm, increasing the contact area and friction with the wall to enhance suction force.
Hooked soft rubber suction cups: The edge hooks allow the suction cup to be securely fastened to the cover, ensuring stable pressure.
Threaded hard rubber cover: Increased friction between the cover and suction cups stabilizes the negative pressure inside the suction cup.
Thicker and longer solid screw: Durable and longer screw length increases the distance it can be screwed in, allowing the suction cup to obtain more vacuum space through pulling, thereby enhancing suction force.

Durable upgrade

The sturdy and durable car seat belt is paired with a woven strap and an aluminum component that is CNC machined to enhance its weight-bearing and compression resistance capabilities. 

Comes with a scratcher board

The large-sized nest with a cloth surface of 45x34.5cm provides a comfortable lying experience. Place the scratcher board above the nest to instantly transform it into a playful scratching pad.
*The size is measured manually and may have slight errors.

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