We are Vancouver BC's only all cat supply store! Dedicated to keeping cats happy and healthy through better nutrition, enrichment and understanding.  


Our store is located in the beautiful Fraserhood area at 4171 Fraser Street and serves cats all over the city! We stock a wide and varied selection of high quality food, treats, litter, toys and everything you need to spoil your cat like the tiny feline overlord they are. 




OMG a store just for cats? How long has this been here??

Our little shop has been open since June 2019! Happy Cat is the product of the friendship of Rose + Nina and their mutual love of all cats – and one cat in particular. Along the way we’ve had the help of some incredible people whose hard work and dedication has resulted in this little cat oasis in a dog-eat-dog world. We didn’t consider a pandemic happening when we wrote our business plan so we’ve been rolling with the punches all year, and thanks to our supportive community of cat people we are still here!


Can I come shop in person?

Yep! You can find us at 4171 Fraser Street, 11am - 7pm every day. There is currently a 5 customer limit in the store but you won’t have to wait long, if at all, usually. There is a 15 minute time limit at very busy times (usually only weekends). We expect all customers to wear a mask where possible and sanitize their hands while shopping. If you don’t wish to do so, you can order for delivery or pick up


How do I make an order for pick up?

Select pick up at check out, and wait for an email notification telling you your order is ready for pick up! Then pop by the store and tell staff you are picking up an order. Usually just the name of the order is fine, but its also good to have a copy of the email as well. Pick up orders are usually ready within an hour, but can take up to 24 hours.


And local delivery?

Our local delivery service has become a whole thing, and a much bigger part of our business than we ever imagined because of COVID! It usually runs pretty smoothly and people seem to like it! We are making improvements all the time, and also will be reassessing our schedule in the near future so watch this space if we don’t come to you yet.

Find out where we deliver and when on this page.


I don’t live in Vancouver. Will you ship to me?

As a small team we have to decide where to focus our efforts, and our brick + mortar store and local delivery service keeps us busy enough! That means we don’t offer shipping at this time. Sorry!


Do you have customer parking?

No :( We wish we did!!

There is street-parking out front which is usually very busy due to the popularity of Lee’s Electronics, but it turns over quickly! Always worth doing a loop to see if you get lucky, may the parking Gods bless you.


Do you have anything for dogs?

Nah, not really. We do love our doggo friends and some of our treats are totally delicious to dogs too, but otherwise we like to give all our space to cat stuff.


Do you have a store cat?

Not at this time! Wilson is very much a “work from home” kinda cat.


Can I bring my cat to visit?

Generally yes we love it! However we would like all our feline visitors to feel safe and happy – the majority of cats would probably feel more comfortable staying at home. You know your cat! Some cats are naturally more bold and inquisitive and usually do the best browsing.

Please have your cat on a harness (or in a carrier if you are coming to get a harness!) as things can get chaotic and we don’t want a cat getting stuck somewhere they shouldn’t. We would LOVE to help you fit a harness and advise you on how to have safe outside time with your cat! Due to space restrictions, during Covid we cannot guarantee a long visit so please take that into consideration when deciding if it’s worth making the trip.


Who is that stunning cat on your website front page?

That’s Wilson! He’s the Chairmeow of the Board and chief product tester. His discerning claw and palate has helped us carefully curate our product selection. 


Would you consider carrying <insert cat food brand here>?

Maybe! We are always open to hearing what foods work for you and your cats. We carefully select all the foods we carry, taking into consideration many aspects such as: nutritional profile, texture, protein, recipe, price, quality of ingredients, ethics of brand, availability, palatability etc. By doing so we aim to maximise the variety we offer within our limited space. As such sometimes we can special order brands and products that we don’t hold in stock just for you! If you would like to enquire about a particular product please send us an email.


You don’t carry the food I usually feed, but I’m looking to change it up. Can you recommend a comparable food?

Sure! We spend a lot of our time helping our customers find a food that works for both their cat and them. Feel free to come speak to us in person, or send us an email! Sometimes it can be hard to reach us on the phone, and these kinds of conversations can be lengthy.


When are you getting <insert product here> back in stock?

If an item is out of stock for longer than a couple of weeks, it usually it means there is a backorder on it, or there’s a shipping delay, or it has been discontinued or sometimes we just don’t know why we can’t get it temporarily! Feel free to send us an email if you’d like an ETA on something in particular.


When are you getting the Dancing Fish/that fish that flippy-flops back in stock?