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Harness Fitting - book here!

Harness Fitting - book here!

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Are you interested in giving your indoor cat some safe outside this summer? Going outside on a harness is not suitable for ALL cats - we want to help you figure it out and give you the best chance for success!

To help start you on the right paw - we offer complimentary harness fittings in-store. Please book ahead so we know you are coming! If you show up without a booking we may not be able to see your cat.

Please read the following before booking your appointment: 

What should you look for in your cat if you are thinking of trying out a harness?

  • confidence - do they strut around with their tail up?
  • does their curiosity overtake their fear when faced with something new?

  • do they recover well from stressful experiences (vet visits, home visitors, loud noise)?

  • do they respond well to you and are you bonded with them?

  • are they microchipped and registered? (just in case!)

If you answered yes to all these questions, go ahead and make that appointment!

IMPORTANT - There is no such thing as an inescapable harness*

*cats can turn to liquid and get out of any harness if they want to

That’s why constant supervision is essential, and you should approach taking your cat outside slowly with care. 

We accept no liability for the safety and security of your cat either in the store or while taking your cat out on a harness. We reserve the right to refuse the harness fitting if cat is stressed or aggressive. By bringing your cat into the store you accept responsibility for supervising your cat at all times.


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