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OKOCAT Dust-free Paper Litter, 5.3kg

OKOCAT Dust-free Paper Litter, 5.3kg

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Get rid of the dust and make the choice to switch to a superior natural, non-clumping litter that's cleaner and healthier for your cat, family and home. Made entirely from reclaimed, clean white paper fiber, ökocat® offers a litter choice free of inks, dyes and scents with no airborne dust.


CONTROLS ODORS – Advanced paper fiber is fortified with long-lasting, plant-based odor control to suppress ammonia odors.


NON-CLUMPING – Soft, lightweight pellets completely absorb all liquid making clean-up a breeze.


NO AIRBORNE DUST – Clean, white paper pellets are ideal for cats with respiratory issues or homes with allergies. Low-tracking with no dirty clay dust in the air or on paws.


Biodegradable & Sustainably Sourced allowing for responsible disposal.

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