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NATURAL CAT TOY Silver Vine Gall Fruit Powder, 10g

NATURAL CAT TOY Silver Vine Gall Fruit Powder, 10g

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If your cat does not respond to catnip, fear not. Try silver vine powder because research shows that seventy percent of cats that do not respond to catnip have a pleasant reaction to the silver vine. The silver vine plant occurs in nature and contains compounds which stimulate a cat's olfactory senses, making it feel warm and fuzzy. Silver vine, just like catnip, is completely safe and cats don’t get addicted to it. They enjoy the scent and roll about in joy or become playful, alert and silly. In both cases, this silver vine powder will prove to be a natural treat for your cat mate. Packaged in a dainty silver coloured tin, we present to you ten grams of pure cat joy. This silver vine powder comes from the most potent source of silver vine scent; ripe silver vine gall fruits. The powder was ground from picked silver vine gall fruits, so it is potent enough to overwhelm your whiskered buddy with pleasant sensations. Sprinkle a pinch on their cat bed before you introduce them to it or add a little bit to the new cat toy to witness your cat indulge in silly acrobatics. Even the laziest of cats have been known to respond to silver vine so if you want to make playtime more fun for you and your cat both, silver vine joy is the way to go.

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