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CATIT Pixi Smart Feeder

CATIT Pixi Smart Feeder

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At Happy Cat, we usually recommend a diet that contains mostly moist, wet or raw food - but dry food is sometimes a necessity and it can be tricky to plan your life around feedings if you aren't always home.

With the Catit PIXI™ Smart Feeder, you can schedule your cat’s feeding times or dispense food instantly at the press of a button! You don’t have to worry about your cat going hungry ever again, with the app’s real-time status overview, optional notifications and ability to share with friends and family.

Free mobile app

Unlike a lot of feeders on the market, the Catit PIXI™ Smart Feeder comes with a free app that does not require a paid subscription to use.

With the mobile app, it’s easy to schedule regular feedings without fail or delay, and to monitor your cat’s food intake by setting custom meal sizes. Using the app, you can access any of these feeder features remotely:

  • Dispense food Instantly dispenses one portion of food in your cat’s feeding dish.
  • Schedule feedings Schedule your cat’s feeding times in a cycle of 7 days. Program up to 12 meals per day.
  • Customize meal size Adjust the default meal size (number of portions) that the feeder will dispense per feeding to your cat’s specific needs.
  • Real-time status overview See when the next scheduled meal will be and whether or not the feeder contains enough food at present time.
  • Enable audio (optional) The feeder will play a sound to notify your cat that food has been served.
  • App sharing Have multiple people (e.g. family, cat sitter) control and monitor the feeder by logging in to their account on the app


The Catit PIXITM Smart Feeder automatically detects status changes, such as when food is running out. Simply enable notifications in the Catit PIXITM app, and get notified about those events directly on your smartphone.

  • Food refill alerts Get notified when the food level is below 10% of total capacity.
  • Obstruction alerts Get notified in case the feeder is jammed.

Schedule and customize your cat’s daily feedings

With the Catit PIXI™ Smart Feeder, you can plan out an entire week’s worth of feedings, with up to 12 meals per day. Your cat’s feeding plan will repeat itself for as long as you want it to, so you’ll never forget a single feeding!


19.1 x 19.1 x 34.2 cm

7.5 x 7.5 x 13.4 in

1670g ± 2.9L / 1.2 kg (± 98 fl oz / 2.6 lb) reservoir capacity

Stainless steel dish with dish holder

Food dispenser button

Silent operation






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