Our Story

  • How it all started

    Rose was working at a small pet food store, and noticed that there was a huge gap in the market for cat supplies. Rose’s cat, Wilson, is very picky and did not like the products available. She had to source specific products that worked for Wilson because she couldn’t get them at any of the pet stores.

    Nina worked at Catfe (everyone needs to check out this cafe!) and she learned so much about cats. It became evident that most people didn’t have much knowledge about cats and sometimes ended up treating them the same as dogs. Cats are unique characters and can be tricky to understand, and Nina recognized there was a gap for information and resources about cats. 

    Together, Rose and Nina saw that there was a hole to fill in the market. With their combined experience, they decided to open an all-cat supply store that could source a large variety of high quality products and educate people about all things cats.

  • Meet Nina

    Nina is fun, energetic, and loves talking about all things cats. Nina has a beautiful kitty named Ronnie!

  • Meet Rose

    Rose is a punk, a musician, and overall insanely cool human. Rose has a handsome cat named Wilson!

  • Meet Our Team

    We have the best team here at Happy Cat! All of our staff are passionate about cats, and they love to meet all the feline friends that come into the shop.