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PIDAN Silicone Deshedding Brush
PIDAN Silicone Deshedding Brush

PIDAN Silicone Deshedding Brush

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Deshedding Type

  • Comb and deshed your pet’s hair with ease. Soft comb teeth made of silicone. The brush’s inner air cushion makes it bouncy. So, it won’t change form when bent.


  • Ergonomic eggshell shape. It’s round and cute. More importantly, it’s easy and comfortable to hold. Made with ABS resin. Safe and eco-friendly material.

Clean Up

  • Simply tear off the layer of shedded pet hair after use. Use these brushes to keep your pet in better health and mood.

  1. Suitable for daily grooming and massaging of any dog or cat.
  2. Brush and massage your pet for five minutes every day, promotes its blood circulation. It would make its hair even more shiny and smooth. 
  3. It is helpful to alleviate the problems caused by pet hair. It keeps the home clean and minimizes hairballs.


  • Suitable for: Cats, Dogs
  • Size: 120 x 90 mm
  • Weight: 50 g
  • Material: ABS plastic, Silicon