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NECOICHI Cozy Cat Head Scratcher Bed

NECOICHI Cozy Cat Head Scratcher Bed

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A cat needs three things every day—a good nap, a satisfying scratch and a purr-worthy massage. With the Cat Head Scratcher Bed from Necoichi, your feline can find all of that in one, cozy and convenient place. This unique bed is a deep-dish, cat head-shaped bed made of cardboard, designed for both napping and scratching.

Your kitty can curl up and sleep inside this cozy nook, or dig her claws into it as a scratching board. Now, everything she needs is in one place—and you can relax, knowing that it's completely safe for your kitty, right down to the non-toxic glue used to hold it together.

Talk about the purr-fect home accessory!

Key Benefits

・Kitty will love this two-in-one bed and scratcher, invented with her happiness at heart.

・Ideal for napping, scratching, and flexing tired kitty paws—all in one spot.

Casual, modern design slips easily into any home décor without disrupting your furnishings.

・Crafted with glue made from natural corn starch.

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