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FELINE NATURAL Natural Cat Milk, 300ml (10.1oz)

FELINE NATURAL Natural Cat Milk, 300ml (10.1oz)

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Some cats love the taste of milk, however most are unable to naturally process the lactose in milk and often get digestive issues. K9 Natural and Feline Natural Milk has broken down the lactose by adding lactase to make it safe for your pet to drink.

• Liquid Milk in a resealable bottle for easy serving.
• Can be conveniently stored at room temperature until
opened, then refrigerate and use within 5 days.
• Lactose Free for easy digestion.
• Taurine to aid heart health, eye health and immune
system function.
• Flaxseed Oil / Omega 3 to help with a shiny, itch free
coat and increased immunity.
• Calcium that contributes to their growth, healthy bones
and teeth, muscle building and healthy nervous system.
• Suitable for weaned kittens.

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