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EYENIIMAL Spin & Treat Automatic Toy

EYENIIMAL Spin & Treat Automatic Toy

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The Eyenimal Spin and Treat Dispenser Cat Toy is one product that your cat is guaranteed to love. Hours of enthusiastic, incentive based play was the objective while creating this toy. Enticing ribbons will encourage your cat to initiate play, while the rocking motion will keep them pouncing in joy! This is where the incentive comes in, intermittently, your cats favourite treats will be dispensed out of the side. Your cat will soon pick up on the fact that more play, equals more reward!

There's more! The Eyenimal Spin and Treat Dispenser features built in speakers, projecting bird noises to bring out the wild side of your feline friend. If you’re looking for an interactive toy to keep your cat entertained while your busy or away, look no further than the Eyenimal Spin and Treat Dispenser!

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