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DEZI & ROO Looper Attachment

DEZI & ROO Looper Attachment

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Unique, fun and versatile the Looper is a tool that can turn a piece of paper or other material into the coolest of cat toys. It's a nifty plastic loop that can be attached to most cat wands or affixed to string or rope.

We all know how much cats love to shred, chew and destroy prey. But indoor cats have limited opportunities to indulge in these natural behaviors. The Looper is an effective way for cats to express this fun tendency they have to shred or chew paper and to hunt and catch prey. It comes with 8 sheets of colorful tissue paper that are easily disposed of after your cat has had fun chasing, shredding and chewing it to pieces. 

You cat will love: 

  • How it flutters and moves like flying prey
  • The sound of crinkly tissue paper
  • To shred, and shred, and shred
  • That it is lightweight, soft, and chewable

You will love:

  • How much fun your cats have playing 
  • That it's affordable, safe and unique
  • Watching your cats run, chase, jump, catch, shred, and chew
  • The versatility and ability to attach household items like napkins, leaves, string, rope, or fabric to create all kinds of fun prey to hunt 

Wiggly Wand not included.

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