We thought it was about time to poke our lil' heads up and say hi! and thank you!

The whole nugget

Your support has kept us really busy the last few weeks. There have been many tweaks and adjustments made to "how we do things" and every single person has been understanding, thoughtful and just plain nice and it has made things way easier on us. Let's hope that we can all stay feeling kind and generous to our fellow neighbours forever! We are certainly gonna try.

But meanwhile we are still in the thick of this strange time and trying to find balance, focus and a way forward.

For the time being we will continue to focus on delivery. We are really proud that we have been able to serve a growing number of cats and their people across the city during this time and in a way we think has been reliable and helpful. Please tell your friends to check us out! We are slowly making updates to our website to make it more fit for purpose, and just better in general. Let us know if you are finding anything tricky with it - we wanna know what needs improving and what you want to see!

We are also still working to find the best and coolest stuff for your cat and bring it to your door! There's some new things on the way so keep your paws poised for that.

We are expanding the option to pick up. We were hesitant at first to promote pick ups as we really wanted people to stay home as much as possible, and also as we needed the time to get a handle on things. Well, now we are going to set specific times when you are able to come and pick up from the store! Your purchase will still have to be placed through our website and that requires a minimum purchase of $25.  4-5pm Monday-Saturday you will be able to pick up your order.

Reopening the storefront is important to us. We really miss our lovely space and our lovely human and cat visitors! But we are committed to doing so responsibly and with as little risk to ourselves and our customers as possible. Private shopping times are something we are considering! Let us know if you would be interested in coming in to shop solo. So much of what our store about is being able to see items in person before you buy and we don't want to lose that experience.

Kibble dust

  • The best way to contact us is via email info@happycatvancouver.com. Phone answering is hit and miss at the moment.
  • Buzzer numbers are very much appreciated
  • As are lobby drop-offs!
  • We are not super concerned about Covid + cats but we certainly won't pet your cat if you don't want us to - just say. If you still wanna bring your cat out to say hi we will do so at a safe distance.
  • Our Keep The Cats Fed Fund is still available for those who need support! 


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