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The whole nugget

Phew we have had a busy week! Our days at the moment are comprised of:

40% moving inventory around

20% making plans for the "future"

50% driving around doing deliveries

10% dancing around the store to Janet Jackson

Wait that doesn't add up... well what I mean to say is there just ain't enough time in the day and we appreciate you bearing with us when it takes us a moment to get back to you! And that if you walk past the store and peer in you might see some interesting dancing. 

We would encourage everyone to check out the province's newly released guide to reopening here. We are so proud that so many people in BC have decided to fundamentally change their lives to protect others and save lives. But as we have no herd immunity and no vaccine in sight we want to go slow when making decisions about reopening the physical store. The BC plan has clear directives and somethings we are considering are 1-2 people in the store at a time, mandatory masks and reduced days and hours. If you have any thoughts about that we would love to hear them! Are you hoping to resume some normal shopping activities in the near future? And if so what are you wanting to see in the form of safety protocols? Email us at if you want to share. This is new for all of us and it doesn't make sense to have this conversation without you!



Our delivery and pick up service regardless is going strong and will continue as is! We are even hoping to acquire a van soon to give us even more capacity for deliveries so watch out for a fluffy van with ears and whiskers around town as soon as possible (a girl can dream can't she??)



You may have seen a new arrival to the store recently! This darn dancing fish has been a No. 1 requested item from our customers in recent months so we are psyched to be able to offer it, AND its great! Sometimes these fad internet things can be disappointing (says the owner of many of them!) but this fish has got it all! USB rechargeable and comes with catnip. Wilson loved it!!!! And he's a cat that likes to keep it old school with his toys, so we were impressed that he gave it a good chew and kick! A Wilson's pick maybe?? 



Kibble dust

  • We had the honour, nay the privilege of delivering a birthday treat to BenBen and the rest of his fam and it was so much fun!
  • And thank you so much to Huxley and family for the note you slipped under the door - def made us both happy cry
  • Wish us luck as we try and transform our warehouse-like space back into our beautiful lil shop that you might be able to visit soon - fingers crossed

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Excited to come visit after the store is open! Do you guys carry a good, long lasting cat laser? All the ones we buy last a week, then they die :( boo boo for the environment


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